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My name is Ed Axline and I am 32 years old. I have been a driver for approximatly 11 years and have hauled a variety of freight. My experience luststeigerung frau rezeptfrei auf onfy.de is mainly with dry vans and reefers, hauling everything from machinery to food products. I have spent almost half of my life behind the wheel, male lingerie. I would like to spend as much more, I really like it.

In January of 2000, I started my small company with only one truck. Four years later, I have three trucks and a cargo van. Pictures of the trucks can be seen throughout the JOOM. I have enjoyed the slow growth, which allows me to concentrate on the drivers needs and keeping them happy within the company.

Since I am a driver myself, I know what it takes to keep a driver happy and enjoy the trucking life. The company that I have my trucks leased to, Panther II Transportation, Inc., is an excellent business partner to help make that happen.

All of my trucks are meticulously taken care of. In the past four years of business I have had very few breakdowns, which in turn, means the driver and company will make more money. That's why all of us are out here pounding the pavement, isn't it?

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