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Picture of the month.

Send me an unusual photo and I will place it on our site as the picture of the month. Have some fun with it. This months picture is of my two cats Ziggy & Strabo. Zig has been in the truck since he was a kitten and Strabo is a newby to the industry. So far, my seats have been left unshreaded. They ride in joom sun bathing on the dash. This is a funny looking, but also interesting looking, site. We often take all these unnecessary funny things for ourselves.

Driver Stats          Updated August 20th @ 23:20

The following are the truck availability stats based upon information I gather on a regular basis from the Panther II Website!

Truck#        Driver                     OnTime    Accept   InService

  7769      Ed Axline                        100%       085%     069%

  8126      Wayne A.                       100%       080%     078%

  8292      Sanford M.                     100%       100%     067%

  2510      Lori Z.                           100%       079%     076%

I will be adding more information such as weekly mile and possibly weekly revenue for comparison. Please give me your feed back about the site and let me know what you think.  Thanks       Ed

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